DIY Belgian Wedge Fire Pit using Menards SKU

The total cost for materials, including tools, was under $200. I purchased everything from Menards and have SKU numbers to make each item easier to identify.

- Flat shovel [SKU: 2654171] ~ $13
- 3' garden stake, twine and spray paint [SKU: 1713820, 2355735, 5579931] ~ $3
- Rubber mallet [SKU: 2439281] ~ $4
- 6' tape measure [SKU: 2375167] ~ $2
- 48" beam level [SKU: 2443312] ~ $13
- 1" x 4' standard pine board [SKU: 1031065] ~ $1
- 70 lb. sand bag [SKU: 1891085] ~ $5
- 70 Belgian wedge wall blocks [SKU: 1793652] ~ $70
- 66 Small Belgian wall blocks [SKU: 1793734] ~ $33
- 2.0 cu. ft. red lava rocks [SKU: 1802016] ~ $14
- 8" x 16" patio block [SKU: 1791880] ~ $3
- 18" cast iron fireplace grate [SKU: 6401055] ~ $20

1. You may have to call Diggers Hotline @ 811 to mark any underground lines before you dig. After locating an area to place your pit, insert the stake into the ground where you want the middle to be. Make sure there are no trees, structures, or anything flammable at least 10-20 feet surrounding the fire pit.

2. Tie twine to the stake tight but still allowing it to spin. Measure the twine to 24" and cut it. Grab the end of the twine and walk in a circle, keeping it taut, while spray painting the ground in front of you to create a 48" circle.

3. Shovel the entire inside of the pit about 4" deep and level it out. Place the pine board inside the circle and walk back and forth across it to compact the ground, turning it in a circular motion to flatten uniformly.

4. Pour the sand bag inside the circle and spread it evenly about 1" high. Repeat the pine board flattening technique to ensure a level foundation. Verify this by using the beam level.

5. Starting away from the edge, place a larger Belgian wedge wall block and put a smaller wall block next to it, repeating this until you have completed the first layer. This should be around 42" in diameter, allowing for space to add the red lava rocks. Use a tape measure to maintain an even circle while building each layer.

6. On the second row, center a larger wedge block on top of a smaller wall block. Repeat this until you have created another layer that is offset from the one below. Pour in a bag of red lava rocks or wait until you added a patio block to the center of fire pit.

7. Create two more circles for a total of four layers of wall blocks. Pour lava rocks around the outside to create a border. If you are not adding a patio block, dump the rest of the rocks in the pit and smooth it evenly.

8. To create a backdrop for your fire pit, arrange more blocks in a pattern similar to the pins on a bowling alley.

9. Move aside some rocks and place the 8" x 16" patio block in the center and push the rocks back evenly against the block. Place the fireplace grate on top of the patio block.

10. You are finished! Time to gather some wood. Make sure conditions are not too windy and watch your fire to ensure it is under control at all times. Like any fire, treat it with respect to ensure the safety of everyone as well as nearby structures and landscape.

This tutorial is variation of a similar project by Daniela Marie:


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