RadioReference provides a complete listing of scanner frequencies used around the world so that users can listen to conversations from public workers and more.


Get detailed information about airports from a pilot's perspective at AirNav. In addition, you can search for hotels nearby.

DIY Belgian Wedge Fire Pit using Menards SKU

The total cost for materials, including tools, was under $200. I purchased everything from Menards and have SKU numbers to make each item easier to identify.

- Flat shovel [SKU: 2654171] ~ $13
- 3' garden stake, twine and spray paint [SKU: 1713820, 2355735, 5579931] ~ $3
- Rubber mallet [SKU: 2439281] ~ $4
- 6' tape measure [SKU: 2375167] ~ $2
- 48" beam level [SKU: 2443312] ~ $13
- 1" x 4' standard pine board [SKU: 1031065] ~ $1
- 70 lb. sand bag [SKU: 1891085] ~ $5
- 70 Belgian wedge wall blocks [SKU: 1793652] ~ $70
- 66 Small Belgian wall blocks [SKU: 1793734] ~ $33
- 2.0 cu. ft. red lava rocks [SKU: 1802016] ~ $14
- 8" x 16" patio block [SKU: 1791880] ~ $3
- 18" cast iron fireplace grate [SKU: 6401055] ~ $20

1. You may have to call Diggers Hotline @ 811 to mark any underground lines before you dig. After locating an area to place your pit, insert the stake into the ground where you want the middle to be. Make sure there are no trees, structures, or anything flammable at least 10-20 feet surrounding the fire pit.

2. Tie twine to the stake tight but still allowing it to spin. Measure the twine to 24" and cut it. Grab the end of the twine and walk in a circle, keeping it taut, while spray painting the ground in front of you to create a 48" circle.

3. Shovel the entire inside of the pit about 4" deep and level it out. Place the pine board inside the circle and walk back and forth across it to compact the ground, turning it in a circular motion to flatten uniformly.

4. Pour the sand bag inside the circle and spread it evenly about 1" high. Repeat the pine board flattening technique to ensure a level foundation. Verify this by using the beam level.

5. Starting away from the edge, place a larger Belgian wedge wall block and put a smaller wall block next to it, repeating this until you have completed the first layer. This should be around 42" in diameter, allowing for space to add the red lava rocks. Use a tape measure to maintain an even circle while building each layer.

6. On the second row, center a larger wedge block on top of a smaller wall block. Repeat this until you have created another layer that is offset from the one below. Pour in a bag of red lava rocks or wait until you added a patio block to the center of fire pit.

7. Create two more circles for a total of four layers of wall blocks. Pour lava rocks around the outside to create a border. If you are not adding a patio block, dump the rest of the rocks in the pit and smooth it evenly.

8. To create a backdrop for your fire pit, arrange more blocks in a pattern similar to the pins on a bowling alley.

9. Move aside some rocks and place the 8" x 16" patio block in the center and push the rocks back evenly against the block. Place the fireplace grate on top of the patio block.

10. You are finished! Time to gather some wood. Make sure conditions are not too windy and watch your fire to ensure it is under control at all times. Like any fire, treat it with respect to ensure the safety of everyone as well as nearby structures and landscape.

This tutorial is variation of a similar project by Daniela Marie:


GeoGuessr is a game utilizing Google Maps Street View to allow a player to identify where in the world a scene in question is located, from desolate areas to famous landmarks. A distance meter compares your guess to the actual location.

Emulator Games

Play classic video games with Emulator Games. Download emulators from a comprehensive list of retro gaming consoles and video games, known as ROMs.


Looking for information about gadgets, computers and electronics? MeetGadget provides a comprehensive way to learn specs and make comparisons between devices.


BugGuide is a highly diversified educational tool for researching insects.

From moon phases to calculating how long you have been alive, offers a great assortment of tools for measuring almost everything. It is a site you have to explore to understand.


College football is both a fun sport and a breakdown of results. Winsipedia analyzes each team's rating, Heisman winners, first round draft picks and other stats to help compare teams.


QtWeb is a quick and compatible Web browser. Incorporating Mozilla, Apple WebKit, and Windows technologies into one makes browsing an enjoyable event.


Planning the most economical multiple route destination can be challenging. RouteXL is an excellent choice to arrive in the most resource-friendly way.

Zerg Rush

The next time you want to save your search results, try Googling "zerg rush." What happens next is a battle to save your results.

Thank you

Thank you for those who discover what I post. I try to find the best I can.

Google Cardboard

Where does Google come up with this stuff? A new project called Google Cardboard, essentially turns your Android (iOS phones soon) into a sort of device similar to a Viewfinder. 

You can create your own at home with cardboard and a few other materials, or order online for around $20. Place it to your eyes and walk around virtual locations using Google Street Maps information to create an enhanced experience.


If you are unfamiliar with TEDTalks, get acquainted. Focusing on the most illuminating topics of today, TED speeches are presented by brilliant and influential thinkers of today. Their motto is "Ideas worth spreading."

The link above is not official but does link to official videos; it is a spreadsheet of every speech listed on one page, updated regularly.

Stuff You Should Know

You will probably learn something new by listening to Stuff You Should Know, a podcast covering everything topic under the sun.

Top Secret Recipes

Ever wondered how In-N-Out Burger®, Twinkies® or Fuddruckers® got their taste? Hundreds of recipes, with back stories, are on Top Secret Recipes. Learn how to make your favorites, sipping a homemade Jamba Juice® smoothie, A & W® or 7-UP®.


Play thousands of video games on various consoles from the past at Vizzed.


For more than complete in-depth statistics about your favorite NFL teams and players, Pro-Football-Reference is an outstanding source of information.

This site is part of a collection of sports resources called Sports-Reference.


The Wonderlic test measures aptitude for learning and problem solving. It may be biased due to the learning history of each person taking it, but it is otherwise interesting based on its difficulty.

Comodo IceDragon

Comodo, the Internet security company, has a Firefox version of their Dragon browser, called Comodo IceDragon. It is my favorite browser due to its speed, interface and overall compatibility with sites.

Chromium versions of the browser are named Comodo Dragon and Chromium Secure.


Patch is a community-specific news aggregation site that features interesting articles with unique perspectives.


Maxthon has just released a new browser called MxNitro, currently in beta mode, they claim it is the "the fastest PC browser in the world", lacking extensions or cloud services, and doing so with an extremely minimal interface.

If you want a version with more functionality, try their new Cloud Browser, available for Windows, Android, Mac, iPhone/iPad, Windows Phone, and Linux.


Search over 18,000 tutorials on Tuts+, covering a range of topics in technology, software, photography, business and more, complete with videos and screenshots.


Take a step back through computer history at a museum known as OLD-COMPUTERS.COM. Marvel at relics of a digital past that have inspired the devices of today.


Omniglot is a resource for information of all things related to communication, from speech to Morse Code to writing your name in another language.


Do you want free cell phone service, or $20 for unlimited everything? FreedomPop offers several plans (if available in your area):

Free - 200 minutes, 500 texts, 500 MB data
$7.99 - 500 minutes, unlimited texts, 500 MB data
$10.99 - Unlimited minutes, unlimited texts, 500 MB data
$20 - Unlimited voice, unlimited texts, unlimited data

You can either bring your own device or purchase one of their products, which vary from 4G LTE smartphones to tablets, and hotspots.

I have the $20 plan and would recommend the same for those who can subscribe.

Rice Bucket Challenge

Four billion people rely on rice as a daily food source. Instead of wasting water, try the Rice Bucket Challenge. Help to feed those in need.


Speaking of food, #HackTheMenu is a compilation of secret menu items from BK, McDonald's, Taco Bell, KFC, Subway, DQ, Chick-fil-A, Sonic, Chipotle, and others.

Real Time Farms

Do you know where your food comes from? Labeling itself "a crowd-sourced nationwide food guide", Real Time Farms allows you to search for locally grown food and eateries in your area. If you operate a farm, add it to the guide.


Opera has multiple versions of their Web browser: PC, mobile and tablet as well as Windows, Mac and Linux.

Harland Highway

Harland Williams, known as an actor and stand-up comedian, also has a podcast called the "Harland Highway", an imaginative and insightful show where he hosts guest characters, discusses life, and shares observations as only he could.

Cruise down Harland Highway:

Unofficial list of direct links to MP3s from the RSS feed:


Speaking of search engines, DuckDuckGo is an alternative than Google, integrated with Wolfram|Alpha. They currently average over 5,000,000 searches per day.


A "computational knowledge engine", Wolfram|Alpha is amazing in its abilities not only as a resource for historical and other information, but a useful tool for interpreting and using modern data. There are no links to other sites, results are from their immense collection.

Read the examples to get the most out of your searches.

Listen to a short speech from the inventor, Stephen Wolfram, presented at TEDTalks, labeled as "computing a theory of everything."

2014 World Series

My prediction for the World Series: Orioles vs. Dodgers. The prediction of my son: Athletics vs. Brewers.

Personally, I am all in for the Orioles to win.


From Princeton (yes, the college) comes WordNet, "a lexical database for English." Download the application here.


Are you without insurance but in need of prescription refills? GoodRx will find the lowest price based on the zip code for your nearest stores.


Abbreviations, acronyms and initialisms, from informal to official, are written everywhere. If you are unsure of one or want to learn more, go to Abbrevations.


Are you looking to buy a house? Estately provides an excellent search map to help you find the best home, in the right neighborhood. Also, read their blog post about what each state searches for the most.

Renting instead? Use this guide to determine the cost of living of each state.

Cyber Dust

For Android and iPhone, Cyber Dust lets you text without storing any of them online. There are similar services but they do not offer the same privacy.


Claiming to have the "coolest things you can buy", Firebox can boast about its eclectic assortment of products, from the familiar to the imaginative.


Many songs have a back story of the origin of lyrics, placement in culture, meaning, and other tidbits. Songfacts has an enormous catalog of music and artists.


CmdrTaco, co-founder of Slashdot, has a new project called Trove; news articles based on recommendations from others who share your similar interests.

Travel Math

Are you planning a trip and want to calculate the travel time, distance and other costs? Travel Math can help you along the way.


YourProps is a museum of actual and replica props used in popular movies, submitted by users. Add your own collection or just browse.


"Window shop" health care rates at HealthSherpa. Enter your zip code and you are presented with plans available in your state.

This is not affiliated with but provides contact information for how to enroll into your desired plan.


Make free group and mobile calls and text with people on GTalk and other messaging services with Fring.

If you need to convert between movie files (MP4, etc.) and MP3, WAV or WMA format, try an online service called


R.I.P. iGoogle... it was fun while it lasted.

From the National Labor Exchange, is an extensive database of job postings from around the US.

Data Liberation Front

Do you have a Google account and want to extract the data from your products, Blogger, Drive, Buzz, etc.? The Data Liberation Front will help you access Google Takeout to download it.


Click at Soundsnap for samples of the sounds of life; humans, animals, nature, industrial, ambiance, sci-fi, music, and others. Listen free or buy packs of 5 to 200 or an unlimited yearly plan.

The Cutting Room Floor

The Cutting Room Floor is a repository of unused video game content; graphics, music and text not included in the final version of a game.


Available soon, SteamOS is a free Linux operating system and client designed for use in your living room on a big screen.

It combines Steam, an extensive gaming network, with advanced graphics and audio features, and Windows and Mac connectivity.


Combining a 16 GB SD memory card with a wi-fi device, Eye-Fi allows you to gain storage and Internet connectivity.

There are different versions of the card, Mobi and Pro X2; both transfer data from your smartphone or device to your computer or tablet, and connect to the Web for uploading and sharing.

Def Jef - On The Real Tip (Extended + lyrics)

Lyrics: "On The Real Tip" (12" Extended) by Def Jef from Delicious Vinyl.

Includes the following samples:

(Aw yeah) (4X)
(Everybody get down) (4X)

Verse 1:

I give my all when the rhyme's involved
When I take to the mic, emcees dissolve
When I break to the mic it's 'cause I'm eager to rap
And if you're down to cooperate, I need you to clap
To the beat, souls or even applause
For a worthy cause because without no pause
Def Jef has the floor for the next four minutes
And this is the place to be and you're in it
Time to get loose and get busy so get wit it
[?] I'm like a rhyme after rhyme as if a poem, admit it
Well-spoken, fluent, bright like neon
Man of me, speed on before you get tee'd on
I don't mean suckers 'cause suckers are suckers
[?] I make it to the coast and the well-known others
Challenging the meek does nothing for my conscience
The best in the biz is who I like get it on with
On the real tip

(Everybody get down) (2X)

Verse 2:

Rhythm is like a religion to me
'cause I know that my talent God's given to me
To do what I do with the utmost poise
I'm making good music and I'm making noise
I'm making dollars and I'm making sense
Saying rhyme's I'm sure you're for and not against
[?] Urban not rules so you're led not plural
I write my rhyme's on the paper just like I'm painting a mural
I'm a lyrical miracle and when I play around
You could say I'm satirical
But when it's time to do work, you know that I'ma do work
'cause I only have time to rhyme, bust it
If rap was an event at the Olympics
I'd confidently compete, than why then pick me
For the bronze, gold and silver
9.9s 'cause they know that I will verbally
Motivate all the fans in the stands
Start the clapping of hands and the marching of bands
Keep the topic full and at a steady pace
And you'll be eating it up 'cause you love the taste
On the real tip

(Everybody get down) (4X)

Verse 3:

There's a reason for the rhyme 'cause the rhyme with reason
Always on time and the rhyme is pleasing
To the ear, smooth and clear
Because I want to make sure that you can hear me
Exercising my right to my freedom of speech
Ignoring suckers 'cause I really don't need 'em to teach
Because I don't need schoolin' 'cause I ain't no pupil
Still I pull more party people than you pull
Any given day, any given time
Any given place, bring a mic and I'll rhyme
In front of 5,000 people or in front of one
I'm so high-powered 'cause I'm a son of a gun
I'm running things, stunning kings
Rhymes come in a bulk, making emcees sulk
Always victorious in a tournament
My opponents wish they died and was born again
To avoid the days that they were gunning for me
Little did they know, that they'd be running from me
I produce like sperm, I'm on supply like a rabbit
And it's never been a hobby, always been a habit
Standing ovation 'cause you get up when you see me
I got your father, brother and boyfriend trying to be me
My style puts a smile on your radio dial
And God blessed me with a beautiful child
On the real tip

(Aw yeah) (12X)
(Yes yes, y'all) (4X)
(To the beat, y'all) (4X)

Verse 4:

My vernacular is spectacular
I keep my words intact and as a matter of fact
You'll love my monologue and you say hot dog
It's all around me like bees but groupie please
Get back 'cause you're ripping up my gear
But that's what happens in this type of career
Especially when they want what I got and that's a lot
For example, I got a bass drum drum with the uptempo
And I show that I can got for what I know
I'm a craftsman, I'm like a draftsman
I plan with the pen and when I'm done I win
Because I never cease to amaze myself
And you don't phase me but I phase myself
My rhymes are sublime, my technique is unique
I execute like a gymnast and always land on my feet
I got lyrics in an overload and they're spilling
[?] And I'm full and I'm fill that's why they come off the feeling
I give you more not less 'cause you deserve the rest
I perturb the best and serve the rest
So emcees, go ahead and y'all talk all of that small talk
I'm Def Jef, I'll show you that I'm not all talk
And no action, I can't be brought down
And incidentally, I'm mentally fit to hold the fort down
On the real tip (2X)

Letter Count

Although a simple character and word counter, Letter Count does help with Twitter or papers that require certain word amounts.

Health Insurance Marketplace

Beginning October 1, 2013, individuals, families and small business owners can enroll in the Health Insurance Marketplace. is the official site to register as part of the Affordable Health Care Act (HR 3962).


Access over 2 billion library resources on WorldCat; books, DVDs, CDs, and other articles, connecting more than 10,000 libraries worldwide.


Have you ever heard a track and wondered if it was sampled from another song? WhoSampled helps you to identify the original beat in question.

An essential tool for hip-hop lyrics can be found at: RapGenius


Find and view flippable catalogs from manufacturers of consumer and industrial products at Who-Sells-It, or upload your own catalog.

Google Lunar XPRIZE

Follow and learn about Google Lunar XPRIZE, "the $30 million competition for the first privately funded team to send a robot to the moon."

Find A Grave

Search through millions of records to find graves of ancestors, famous people, and create virtual memorials with Find A Grave.

Low Pay Is Not OK

Cheap food is one thing, being cheap is another. Be honest, the federal minimum wage needs to be increased slightly to survive in our economy.

Read more: Low Pay Is Not OK


Your computer brightness has more to do with your sleep cycle than you think. f.lux alters the color of your screen based on the time of day.


Convert nearly anything on AskNumbers, whether it is ounces to cups, speed to temperature, and 30+ other number conversions.


If you like Firefox, give Alienforce a try. I have been hooked since the day I discovered it. More importantly, I converted my girlfriend from IE!

Provided by CNET


Do you need the manual for a phone or electronic device? ManualsLib has a large collection to choose from.


There are many video game sites, but one of the best is GameFAQs. Find codes, reviews and guides from almost every console system produced.

Other notable sites to go are IGN and


Learn from a varied assortment of topics on Instructables. You are sure to find something that suits your interests.


Free answers and tips from 38,000 U.S. doctors (1.2 million to research) available at HealthTap. To date, almost a billion answers served and thousands of lives saved. Find your next doctor.

Ask A Patient is a service to rate and compare OTC and prescription medicine and health care, and share your own experiences.

Sweet Brown

Using actual news footage, Sweet Brown is a song with quotes of her account from the fire that damaged her apartment.


Used video games and consoles, from Gameboy to XBox 360, at outstandingly low prices are found at JJGames. Worth a look.


Needhelppayingbills offers resources for those in need of rent, medical, and utility bill assistance, employment, and provides information about state, local, and national charities.


Currently in beta, iAlbums provides an extensive collection of music culminated from around the Web.


Instead of throwing it, Freecycle it. Post what you are giving away or see what is needed by others. Avoid the landfill.


With a focus on retro gaming equipment, Ultimarc offers an extensive selection of video game interface controls.


Deutschland-based Beatdrive has VST plugins and samples as well as other music production-related news and reviews.

If you need help translating: Google Translate


Grist covers a wide range of interesting news articles, not readily accessible from mainstream news outlets.

Small Presses

Poets & Writers has compiled a database of small presses to help you publish your work: Poetry & Writers: Small Presses


FastPencil is a Web-based tool to convert your blog into an actual book. There are many services available, but not similar.

Population Clock

From the U.S. Census Bureau, Population Clock updates the U.S and World population every second, along with providing statistical estimates.


Zebra, from u-he, has engaged me in ways other VST synthesizers could not. Hans Zimmer has created a definite must-have.

Also, Traumah Drums: Demolition Kit for $1 is very unique and can add a creative vibe to any song you produce.

I am not connected to either, except being an owner of both.

Ticket to Work

For Americans (between 18-64) with disabilities, the SSA has deployed Ticket to Work: a program tailored to your abilities.

Learn more about Ticket to Work and see if you qualify.

On a personal note, 18-64 is an unfair age bracket.

In The 80s

Delve into one of the most innovative periods in history, even if you did not experience it at the time: In The 80s. Rad!

Household Products Database

Search the U.S. Health & Human Services for information on what products you use in your home at Household Products Database.


The Kiersey Temperament Sorter (KTS-II) has been a reliable gauge of the 16 personality types: 71 questions should determine yours.

For more about your personality type after the test, go to:


Track all airline flights in real-time with FlightAware. Follow where your friends and loved ones are throughout their trip.


Explore the natural world around you at Identify animals with pictures, sounds, and other instructional media.


Have you wondered what certain sayings, such as "pearls before swine" meant? Learn their meanings and origins at Phrasefinder.


Explore the human body on the most detailed level at InnerBody. Research intricate areas and learn with computer illustrations.


Do you have a home repair question? Turn to Inspectapedia before shelling out any money. Bring out the DYI in yourself.

Also, Home Highlight provides advice for home repair projects.


CNET Downloads is a popular site for downloads but UpToDown is another great repository for modern and outdated software.


The USDA National Agricultural Library is a database of nutritional information for over 8,000 foods.

Research popular labels and fast food choices at Calorie Count.
Their food log feature provides analysis from the diet you add.

FatSecret is a site similar to Calorie Count.

Browse 30,000 foods, pharmaceuticals and symptoms at Everyday Health.

Science Daily

Explore life, science and history. Science Daily has informative and unique articles from publications around the world.


Thank you for taking time to visit over the months. Your readership is much appreciated. All the best to you in 2013. Happy New Year!


Learn about and invest fake money in real companies. Fakonomy gives you a virtual portfolio to buy and sell shares as you would in real markets.


Host music files and folders on your computer on the Web. You can choose to allow public access or assign user names with Sockso.


Designed for audiences in the K-12 range, FactHound provides adults with equally relevant knowledge. It is good to keep learning.


Formerly uComics, GoComics offers popular and new comics strips and editorials, updated daily. The Duplex is one of my favorites.

This Song Is Sick

Covering the best in electronic music, This Song Is Sick highlights a wide variety of new tracks, events, sets, interviews and mixtapes.


Music from many genres can be found in abundance at Soundowl. Moombahton, mashup and dubstep are just a few flavors to sip from.

Consumer Health Ratings

Review and research doctors, hospitals, health care plans and agencies, nursing homes, and more at Consumer Health Ratings.

New Jams

Hear and download the latest songs and mixtapes from electro, hip hop and pop artists at New Jams.

KVR Audio

With an extensive collection of virtual plugins and effects, KVR Audio also offers downloads, news and a community for music production.


Growing fast, Pinterest takes a unique approach to connecting you to your interests and assorted gatherings from around the Web.

See also: Dropula & Freshbump


Prostopleer is an online music player and resource for MP3 downloads.


Convert YouTube videos to MP3 format and download with Video2MP3.

Charly 1300

Browse music airplay charts of popular songs on radio stations in Europe, USA, Costa Rica and other countries with Charly 1300.


Newser may very well become your new companion, mixing up content with a quickness, delivering headlines through a refreshingly speedy interface.

BBC News provides one of the best sites to learn about every country and their facts, with audio and video clips: BBC News - Country Profiles


Are you tired of AVG, Avast and every other program not getting rid of your virus problems? UnHackMe - First BootWatch AntiRootkit (Windows 32/64-bit)


No more misplaced Web pages. Pocket uses cross-platform integration to store bookmarks from your mobile devices and computer in one location.

Google Gravity

1. Go to Google. (Not yet.)
2. Search for "Google Gravity" using the "I'm Feeling Lucky" button.
3. Be confused and amazed.


One of the best places to start identifying insects of all varieties is at BugFinder. Great pictures and a lot of data make this site a first stop.

Wind Map

Updated hourly from the National Weather Service, Wind Map, a project from engineers at Google, gives motion to wind flow and speed around the U.S.


Transform a room into the night sky or buy glowing house numbers to set yours apart from others. Glowpatch has a unique look to their products.


This post describes a $1 bill trick:
Fold the front or back of a $1 bill so "THICA" is spelled from the letters across the top. "Treasurer of the Treasury" and "The Greed States" are now the messages on the bottom. Most things should appear symmetrical as well.

Camera Summary

Extract the EXIF data from JPEG images (camera make and model, view detailed information on how it was taken, embedded thumbnail) using Camera Summary.

See also: Whats Its Color, Quick Thumbnail, Quick Thumbnail Cropper and Make Password, a simple password generator.


Look up more than words on Wordnik. Learn their usage in sentences, see a visual representation, hear it sounded out and discuss words with others.

Informed Patient Institute

Review the sites that provide information for health care: hospitals, doctors, and nursing homes ratings at the Informed Patient Institute.


Research consumer products, education, financial, health, travel, and other subjects with "unbiased, data-driven comparisons" within FindTheBest.


The Web has content but the way it is presented can sometimes lessen the experience. Turn your favorite sites into magazine layouts at Surfboard.

Rule The Stars

Design your own constellation. Arçelik has created Rule The Stars, a Flash enabled site allowing you to design a star picture and send it to someone.


Powered by Microsoft, Photosynth allows you to view from thousands of 360° panoramas or "synths" of landscapes and buildings, or upload your own.

Cat Breed Selector

Animal Planet has the Cat Breed Selector with rating of characteristics, pictures, history, and descriptions of physical features for breeds.

Ask Jeeves

As if fresh from Oxford, Jeeves, the well-intentioned butler icon, returns from retirement in 3D on the UK version of Ask Jeeves.


Billed as "the online shipping marketplace," uShip helps find the lowest cost carrier for sending large freight items, animals or heavy equipment.

180 Purebred Dog Breeds

Read 180 purebred dog breed reviews from Michele Welton, breed selection consultant, obedience instructor, and published author of 15 dog books.

Dog Breeds Alphabetical List

For all things dogs, start here: Dog Breeds Alphabetical List. View human-dog height comparisons and learn about each breed.


Part of HubbleSOURCE, ViewSpace is a "self-updating multimedia astronomy display." Turn your screen into a planetarium.


View and place digital objects with map locations on Repudo. In beta, Pinwheel allows you to "find and leave notes around the world."


Browse through a seemingly endless inventory of text documents. Scribd is a vast library of memos, excerpts, recipes, and other submitted works.


Do you own a "dot com" or are you in the market for your own Web site? Start researching domain names deeper at DomainTools.

Domain Name Soup provides another invaluable collection of tools.


If you are interested in electric vehicles, hybrids, bikes, cost and range, EVsRoll is a first-stop Web site regarding electric transportation.


Monitoring a flight can be more at FlightAware. Using multiple views and incorporating average fare and other data, you may track flights for fun.


Do you have an idea or project that needs funding or do you want to help others accomplish their goals? Kickstarter is where to begin.

Social Explorer

Use the free version of Social Explorer, an award-winning social data exploration tool, with maps and reports, from Oxford University Press.

Miniatur Wunderland

Going to Hamburg? Miniatur Wunderland is the largest model railroad layout in the world with detailed scenery from many countries abroad. Take a tour.


Bring the feel of a record player to your PC. OtsTurntables, free for personal use, plays music files and allows for mixing and spinning like real vinyl.


Find previous releases of popular software for Windows, Macintosh and Linux as well as vintage games at OldVersion.

Living Electro

Download free electro tracks from Living Electro. Or, register and upload your own. ACIDplanet, part of Sony networks, gives space to promote your music there as well.

Data Crow

Want to catalog and organize your media in one place? Data Crow is top ranking. Another for download: Ant Movie Catalog. Try its Loan feature and never lose discs.

One Computer Guy

Bob Cerelli runs an interesting Windows help site: One Computer Guy.
XP Support has an equally abundant explanation of answers to choose.

Missing Money

Search for money you may have forgotten about from banks, safe deposit boxes, uncashed checks and wages, stocks, utility deposits, and the like at Missing Money.

Annual Credit Report

Many claim "free" credit reports. Annual Credit Report is legitimate in offering one free report from each of these companies (TransUnion, Equifax, Experian) every year.

Aviary Myna

Edit and remix your music on the Web. You can also add voice samples and other effects and instruments: Aviary Myna

U.S. Census Bureau

Found at the U.S. Census Bureau are Data Access Tools. The site includes Censtat, DataFerret, FactFinder, US Gazetteer, downloads, and a lot more.


Search for content feeds and Web services or create your own Dapp. Drive traffic to your site with Dapper.

Flash Gorillas

Ever play Gorillas, the 1991 game written in QBasic for DOS? To jog your memory, the objective was tossing a banana to hit at another gorilla with your own coordinates.
Now you can toss bananas with an updated Flash Gorillas @ Kongregate.

If interested, QBasic has a compiler, games, and forum.